Fail Faster 2014

Fail Faster 2014 was an event Techyizu hosted on customer development modelled after Lean Startup Machine.

Over a weekend, small teams learn skills related to discovering and validating business models. Mentors and speakers guide teams through the customer development process, presenting their findings to the audience at the end.

Fail Faster was done in partnership with People Squared and Chinaccelerator

I'm an organiser with Techyizu. I designed the logo's, t-shirts and signage.

Tradesparq - Dashboard Redesign

The Tradesparq dashboard is where users arrive on after they login. It is similar to Linkedin and Facebook's newsfeeds. This dashboard redesign introducted the suggested shipments widget to the middle column. Shipment data is a big driver for VIP sales and the key driver for buyers.

Techyizu - Business Cards

Techyizu is a non-profit that organizes free events focused on design and enterpreneurship. Five or six events are happen each year in Shanghai. I have been an organizers at many of their events for the past three years. In 2010 I designed a series of business cards for all the organizers. I wanted each card to be unique and represent the personality of it's owner.

I had each person create their own "eight-bit-me" avatar which was incorporated into the design. The cards have been very popular. Some organizers have had several batches printed.

Tradesparq - VIP Sales

VIP Sales Page

At the start of 2014 we decided to offer an "Enterprise" level of our VIP Membership. Some of our existing VIP's were requesting the ability to monitor their employee's messages, make sure enquiries were being responded to quickly and appropriately. The fastest away to deploy Enterprise was to add a section to the existing VIP page, which itself needed a refresh.

Tradesparq - Shipments

Tradesparq Shipments Profile Samsung Electronics - shipments profile

The mission of Tradesparq is to improve transparency within international trade. We try to find ways to provide information that help people make better decisions, to improve our industry. Shipment data is a treasure trove that can be used by both suppliers and buyers to validate each other.

Currently Tradesparq tracks all waterbound imports into the United States. For every shipment we have the importer, exporter, contents, weight and arrival date. We provide the greatest amount and quality of free data available, and the cheapest access to complete data available.